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Steve Gibson Announces He Will Continue Security Now Podcast Beyond Episode 1000

Blog created using AI and edited by humans from Security Now episode #935

Cybersecurity expert Steve Gibson has hosted the Security Now podcast with Leo Laporte for 18 years. In the latest episode celebrating the show's anniversary, Gibson announced he has decided to continue the show beyond episode 1000, reversing his previous plan to end after reaching that milestone.

This is great news for the show's loyal listeners, who have been enjoying Gibson's in-depth explanations of the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and privacy issues each week. As Leo expressed, the announcement was met with excitement and cheers from the podcast team and fans.

Gibson had considered ending the show after episode 999, following an 18-year run. However, feedback from enthusiastic listeners made him realize how much the show meant to its audience and how much they would miss it if it were to end.

As Gibson put it, "Why stop doing a good thing?" He cited actor William Shatner who famously said about achieving longevity, "Don’t die." Gibson joked he would follow Shatner's advice, at least regarding the podcast's fate.

The fact that after 18 years, there is still no shortage of topics to cover each week reassured Gibson that the show has plenty of life left. The rapid evolution of cyber threats ensures there will always be new security issues to unpack and explain to listeners.

Fans of Gibson's accessible, detailed breakdowns of complex security concepts can now look forward to the continuation of Security Now well beyond episode 1000. For anyone interested in staying up to date on the latest cybersecurity challenges, this weekly show remains a must-listen.

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