Domains for Your Allow List

In order to deliver podcasts, gather download statistics, and share download stats with advertisers, TWiT's podcasts are routed through and hosted on various servers with multiple providers.  Occasionally, an ad blocker will add one of these servers to their block list and prevent people using that blocker from accessing our content.

In order to ensure that you're able to access our content without difficulty, we recommend adding the following domains to your allow list:

  • (our main site that you're reading now)
  • (our host for most of our podcast media)
  • (Libsyn also hosts some of our audio content)
  • (Spotify Ad Analytics, formerly Podsights)
  • (Podscribe)
  • (Memberful - hosts for our Club TWiT feeds)

At this time, we no longer use Chartable ( nor Megaphone ( and their domains have been removed from all episodes in our archives.  Their domains can be removed from your allow list if you wish, but some other popular podcasts from other networks do still use these services which are now both owned by Spotify.

We briefly tested Magellan AI ( in May 2023, but decided not to move forward with the service at this time.  Some popular podcasts on other networks may currently use the service.

We also very briefly tested Barometric ( in early 2020, but the Barometric service no longer exists and can safely be removed from your allow list.