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Jun 14th 2023

Windows Weekly 833

Where Games Go To Die

Microsoft & Activision Blizzard, Windows 11 22H2, OpenAI, Xbox Updates

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Category: News

Microsoft/Activision Blizzard case speeds to court

  • Some interesting developments this week could lead to a quicker resolution of the FTC case against Microsoft.
    • Citing reports that Microsoft was planning to just finalize its acquisition of AB, the FTC sued to prevent that. This moved the case into the federal court system, where...
    • A federal judge granted the injunction and then expedited the resulting hearing to next week. So now Microsoft and AB can make their case for the acquisition ahead of the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year
    • If this somehow is accepted by the federal court, expect Microsoft to ignore the UK and acquire AB
    • Baldrick: “I have a cunning plan.”


  • Windows 11 version 22H2 Moment 3 “arrives” ... and no one even notices
  • Windows Insider Program
    • Win32 app isolation enters public preview - And some thoughts about how this relates to Windows 10X Win32 containers
    • Dev channel (today): modernized UI for Windows Ink, Folder options changes in File Explorer, Focus session widget, Never combine in Taskbar for all, File Explorer tear and merge tabs for all, Chat changes to Microsoft Teams - Free
    • Beta channel (last week): new natural Narrator voices in Chinese and Spanish (Spain and Mexico), plus a new toggle lets users control whether to use a cellular connection when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.
  • Announced at CES, AMD releases the first x86 processor with an NPU
  • The Windows Subsystem for Android is about to get Windows/Linux file sharing capabilities
  • Voice Chat comes to Bing Chat for “desktop.” What does that even mean?
  • Related: Microsoft Edge 115 hits Beta channel and where we are on the path to the visual refresh (that’s caused so many problems for the book)
  • Related: Vivaldi cosplays as Edge so it can use Bing Chat

Microsoft 365/Surface/Dev

  • Outlook, hold the (Project) Mocha
  • Microsoft Store now sells Surface replacement parts
  • Microsoft improves the C# experience in VS Code. What does that mean?

Antitrust and AI, oh my

  • People from Microsoft and OpenAI were not happy with Microsoft’s rush to release AI products
  • Microsoft makes vague promises about AI responsibility while Adobe goes full indemnification
  • Amazon will also use AI-based review summaries
  • Google hit with another antitrust complaint in the EU, this time for ads. And the EC wants to split up Google.


  • Microsoft hosted a big games event on Sunday, and announced that PC Game Pass titles were coming to NVIDIA GeForce Now. Plus a new Starfield Controller. But the big news was a discussion about the future of Xbox, which includes a 1 TB Xbox Series S and no plans for interim Xbox console upgrade.
    • This event was clearly designed to assure fans in case AB fails
    • But Microsoft painted itself into a corner when it made Xbox look bad to push AB through
    • So what is the real state of Xbox if AB doesn’t happen? Sadly, it’s an also-ran
    • Sony is testing PS5 cloud streaming of PS5 games - is exactly what it sounds like

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Big Xbox sale
    • Microsoft is hosting a massive sale on Xbox (and some PC) games with titles up to 90 percent off. (Sort by percent off, high to low)
  • App pick of the week: Groupy 2
    • Groupy 2 fulfills the promises of Sets and more. $9.99.
  • RunAs Radio this week: High Availability in 2023 with Allan Hirt
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Maker's Mark
    • $30 USD

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