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Jun 21st 2023

Windows Weekly 834

The Soothing Sounds of Trains

Moment 3 nonsense, Mail/Calendar app replacement, Opera One

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Category: News

Microsoft squares off against the FTC

  • On Thursday, Microsoft will face off against the FTC in its bid to acquire Activision Blizzard. But the FTC has proven that it does not understand its role as an enforcer of US antitrust laws. The FTC should lose this case, paving the way for an immediate acquisition. The CMA can go F itself.
  • NZ may be stepping in soon too

More Moment 3 confusion

  • This week, Microsoft issued Moment 3 to the Windows 11 Insider Program Release Preview Program
  • This is odd because Microsoft released Moment 3 to stable last week
  • We need to talk about Chat in Windows 11
  • New Beta channel builds with changes to notifications and Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Intel unveils branding changes for its processors - there’s no “i” in “Core”

New (new) Outlook confusion

  • Microsoft announces that it will replace Mail and Calendar in Windows 11 with the new Outlook in late 2024. Smart!
  • The world freaks out for some reason
  • Microsoft quickly recants, will “re-evaluate” this decision

AI & Cloud

  • Google files complaint to FTC about Microsoft’s cloud contracts
  • Microsoft: June outages were cyberattacks
  • Opera says it has released the first-ever “AI-native” web browser


  • Incoming price hike for Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass
  • Microsoft stops making Xbox One games
  • Halo Infinite Season 4 is here
  • More games are heading to Xbox Game pass in the second half of June
  • Microsoft will host an ID@Xbox Showcase on July 11

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: Try the new Outlook now
  • App pick of the week: Amiga Forever 10
  • RunAs Radio this week: Windows Update for Business with Aria Carley
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Mortlach 12

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