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Mar 29th 2023

Windows Weekly 822

Squirt a Little Fresh Air

Week D production-quality updates, revamped widgets board, Microsoft Teams redesign

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Category: News

Week D production-quality updates, revamped widgets board, Microsoft Teams redesign

Windows 11

  • Microsoft debuts new Windows 11 features in Preview. And now we have a new updating schedule!
  • Coming via Canary: another Widgets UX update
  • Surface Hub 2S is still a thing and will be upgradeable to Teams Rooms OS soon
  • You can hide the Bing button in Edge 111.x now

Microsoft 365

  • As expected, Microsoft announces Teams 2.0 with Apple-like improvement claims

AI o’ the week

  • OpenAI announces ChatGTP plug-ins capability - Now it’s a platform! Next stop: sentience
  • Microsoft brings AI-based copilot capabilities to security pros


  • UK CDMA: Just kidding on Microsoft’s AB acquisition issues, will likely approve it
  • Japan FTC approves Microsoft’s AB acquisition without conditions
  • Activision CEO disappointed in his best partner, Sony
  • Microsoft announces red and blue (get it?) Elite Series 2 Core Controllers
  • No more $1 intro offer on Xbox Game Pass 
  • Now even Xbox developers can help your console use less power
  • Steam will drop support for Windows 7/8.x in 2024

Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week: Still on Windows 7/8.x? Switch to Firefox
  • App pick of the week: Media Creation tool
  • This week on RunAs Radio: When does Multi-Cloud Make Sense with Phoummala Schmitt
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Dalmore 12

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