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Nov 11th 2020

Windows Weekly 698

Canadian Bacon Linux

What Does Apple Silicon Mean for Microsoft?

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Category: News
  • Apple Silicon Macs arrive: What does this mean for Windows PCs?
  •  And Apple told us almost nothing beyond that it is starting with low-end Macs only.
  •  Microsoft: Hey, we're working on even more with Qualcomm!


  • Go, Team(s)
  •  Oh, about that multiple account support on Microsoft Teams … It's not happening this year
  •  Instead, we're getting the ability to switch between a personal MSA and a work account. Sigh
  •  Speaking of Teams... Did you know Apple Airpods aren't compatible with it?


  • Windows
  •  Is 10X really Edging closer?
  •  New Dev Channel build today with nothing much beyond fixes, known issues
  •  MS pushing those still on 1903 to 1909 (ahead of end of support)
  •  Windows Holographic 20H2 has a bunch of mostly minor updates
  •  Microsoft has a workaround for the Win 10 2004 apps forgetting passwords issue


  • NET 5.0
  •  Microsoft takes its first step towards unifying .NET with .NET 5.0 … But there's more work to be done


  • Xbox
  • Xbox Series X and Series S launch a subdued affair because…
  •  No new/next-gen/exclusive games
  •  No hardware availability
  •  Reviews: Xbox Series X is a quiet beast, but the Xbox Series S is perfect for the living room. Or it would be but for two issues.
  •  Related: Actually, Series S can do 4K/60 fps … sometimes
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now access Disney+ for 30 days for free
  •  Tons of new games are on the way
  •  EA Play is here for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC next month
  •  PUBG is moving to Microsoft Azure
  • BREAKING: HALO TV SERIES IS ON, and Jen Taylor will reprise her role as Cortana!


  • Tips and picks
  •  Tip of the week: Get started with Xbox Series X|S
  •  Tip of the week #2: Stop using SMS for MFA. The best way to secure your online accounts is with an authenticator app, not SMS.
  •  Related: MS Black Friday deals (not sure if anything's worth calling out)
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft appoints a new Biz Dev chief. Here's why you should care that former McAfee CEO is now the new Peggy Johnson.
  •  Codename pick of the week: CBL-Mariner. It's not exactly a "codename," but CBL-Mariner is a new Microsoft-made Linux distribution that's meant for internal use. It's for Azure first-party services and edge appliances.
  •  Beer pick of the week: Goose Island Bourbon County Kentucky Fog Stout. It's time for the seasonal releases of the Goose Island Bourbon County Stouts. This year, there's an interesting addition to the line-up: Kentucky Fog Stout.

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