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Nov 4th 2020

Windows Weekly 697

Think of the TikTok-ers

Big Tech's Big Earnings Week, "Sun Valley" UI Refresh
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Big Tech's Big Earnings Week, "Sun Valley" UI Refresh

  • Windows
  • Microsoft moves the Windows Insider Dev channel to a new build branch. What does this mean?
  • Another build for Dev Channel today from the Fe branch
  • Any reports of problems with 20H2?


  • More earnings learnings
  •  In the wake of Microsoft's earnings announcement, Amazon, Apple, and Google all announced their own earnings. Key takeaways: Amazon earnings are more than Microsoft and Google combined. And Google outpaced Microsoft.
  • Also: IT on-premises spending is showing cracks


  • Microsoft 365
  •  Teams is getting multi-user sign-in.
  • Microsoft is giving Excel database-like capabilities. What's next?
  •  Microsoft's Cloud for Healthcare builds on Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform.


  • Xbox
  •  New Xbox reviews are coming soon.
  • New Xbox consoles are arriving early for some customers
  • Apple is going to hold a virtual Mac event on the day the Xbox Series X|S launches… but you can watch the Xbox launch instead!
  • 343 botched the launch of Halo Infinite.


  • Tips and picks
  • Tip of the week: Download any version of Windows 10
  • App pick of the week: Xbox app for Android and iOS
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Get a year free of basic call-in conferencing for Teams
  • Codename pick of the week: Aquila
  • Beer pick of the week: Evil Twin's "IT’S ‘BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM COFFEE’ NOT ‘BAILEY’S, IRISH CREAM, & COFFEE’"

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