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Jul 17th 2019

Windows Weekly 630

The Cat Came Back

World Emoji Day, Chredge Testing

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In honor of Paul 'emoji hater' Thurrott travelling, it's WORLD EMOJI DAY!

  • Inside the Microsoft emoji design studio

Windows 10 updates

  •  Microsoft is starting to automatically push Windows 10 1903 to Home, Pro users on 1803 or older via Win Update
  •  The second 19H2 build is out with new features (which no one can test right now)
  •  Surface Book 2s are blocked from getting 1903 (it makes the GPU "vanish")

Chredge: Now ready for enterprise testers

  •  Microsoft is encouraging IT pros to start kicking the Chredge tires
  •  We now have an updated enterprise roadmap listing which features are coming when
  •  But we still don't have a date for GA or even the Beta channel

Partners: More Inspired (or tired)?

  •  Crisis averted: Microsoft undid those Internal Use Rights changes that had so many up in arms last week
  •  But questions remain: When and how will Microsoft try to "fix" this situation again. Also, how did this fiasco happen in the first place?
  •  Related: Microsoft does a holoportation demo live at Inspire (and it worked!)
  • Related: Azure Lighthouse – what is this thing?

Meanwhile, back at the Office...

  •  Microsoft has more AI tricks up its sleeve with Cortana reminders - heads up emails
  •  Teams is now at 13 million daily active users. Is that a lot?
  •  Skype is going to lose its SMS Connect feature at the end of August

Xbox news

  •  Microsoft Finds the Tipping Point for the All Digital Xbox One
  •  New Xbox Game Pass titles

Tomorrow is MS Q4 earnings: Any predictions?

Tips and picks

  •  Tip of the week: Surface Code Name – Serenity
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Rust
  •  Rumor pick of the week: Microsoft buys Adobe
  •  Beer pick of the week: x 

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