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Jun 19th 2019

Windows Weekly 626

Pull the Thread & Ruin the Suit

Microsoft is #1
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Why is Microsoft not among this year's antitrust trial targets? It is currently the most valuable company in the world.

  •  Lessons Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. can learn about antitrust trials from Microsoft
  •  A recap of how the MS vs. USDOJ trial got its start
  •  Related: Google is accused of stealing. But … It didn't steal. Why did everyone immediately believe that it had?
  •  Related: Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency Windows 10: where are we now?
  •  Last week, we got the first 20H1 build with WSL2. Where the heck is 19H2? And WHAT the heck is 19H2?
  •  First Windows Server 20H1 test build is out
  •  Reminder for 1803 users: Microsoft is planning to start to "push" 1903 to you starting in June (but we're not exactly sure how/when)
  •  MS fixes the privacy settings screen bug that affected a "small" number of 1903 users
  •  Related: MS highlights new accessibility features in 1903
  •  Related: Another Windows 10 in S Mode device is born (but why??) Kano PC
  •  Related: Let's talk about using a Windows 7/8.x key to install/activate Windows 10. It still works. Why? Why hasn't Microsoft shut this down? And why won't it discuss this?
  •  Related: Hyper-V Server 2019 is finally released (after 8 months of being MIA) New Microsoft Edge
  •  There are a number of things coming to Google Chrome that should/could impact the new Edge:
  •  New PWA install experience
  •  Changes to ad-blocking
  •  Themes
  •  Related: More evidence Chredge is likely coming to Linux Office
  •  PowerPoint users get a 'coach' and more Designer options
  •  Would you use an Office key on your keyboard?
  •  Microsoft To-Do is now in the Mac App Store Xbox
  •  Microsoft announces more Xbox Game Pass titles for June … and for the first time, this includes PC titles.
  •  Microsoft releases first "Eyes First" games Tips and picks
  •  Tip of the week: Xbox Game Pass member? Know this
  •  App pick of the week: Game services for the PC curious
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Azure Bastion
  •  Codename pick of the week: EPIC
  •  Beer pick of the week: Keanu is Immortal from Henhouse Brewing Company

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