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Jun 27th 2006

The Giz Wiz 92


Laserpod is your personal light show.

Category: Reviews

Laserpod is your personal light show. It uses three lasers and three blue and purple LEDs chosen so that the combination of their wavelengths as a background to the red laser, gives a super sensory experience. This light energy is projected through a crystal and the output is an exciting display of moving shapes and forms. You can place the diffusers (included in the kit), on top of the alloy base and the effects are contained and your Laserpod becomes a soothing ambient lamp. However, the visual fun is best with the diffusers removed. The light forms radiate and project across an entire room moving across the ceiling and down the walls. For the best Laserpod experience the device should be activated in complete darkness. It's portable and can function for up to 8 hours on three Alkaline AA batteries or run directly from the supplied AC line. I like this a lot! Great to help you fall asleep. $100

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