Untitled Linux Show

May 26th 2024

Untitled Linux Show 153

One Last Request

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett
Co-Hosted by Ken McDonald, Jeff Massie

Explicit Sync, Pipewire to Snapcast, and Windows Recall

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Category: News

This week it's all about the GPUs, with KDE 6.1, Nvidia's 555 drivers, and Mesa 24.1 all coming out, bringing support for Explicit sync, the Nvidia NVK ready for prime time, and more. Then there's Handbreak with FFmpeg 7.0 support, Ventoy bringing an update, and a new Pipewire RC with support for snapcast. Then there's Hans Reiser's last request for ReiserFS making it into kernel 6.10. For tips, we have the Bluefish editor, The last of Spring Cleaning, and how to use docker to very quickly spin up one-off containers. See the show notes at https://bit.ly/3yxtdwn and come back next time!

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