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Jun 9th 2024

This Week in Tech 983

Digital Snackwells

Hosted by Leo Laporte

NVIDIA's Thor, Adobe's TOS, Insta's Unskippable Ads

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Category: News
  • How to Kill a Smart Device: Spotify Car Thing Post Mortem 
  • Stealing everything you’ve ever typed or viewed on your own Windows PC is now possible with two lines of code — inside the Copilot+ Recall disaster. 
  • Windows won’t take screenshots of everything you do after all — unless you opt in 
  • NVIDIA Drive Thor with 2,000 TOPS to be implemented by Li Auto 
  • Oral-B Sold a $230 Alexa Toothbrush—and Then Pulled the Plug 
  • Adobe's new terms of service unacceptably gives them access to all of your projects, for free 
  • Adobe has clarified controversial shrinkwrap license terms, but the damage may have already been done 
  • Samsung sues Oura preemptively to block smart ring patent claims 
  • I watched NVIDIA's Computex 2024 keynote and it made my blood run cold 
  • TSMC says it has discussed moving fabs out of Taiwan but such a move impossible 
  • Intel CEO Takes Aim at NVIDIA  in Fight for AI Chip Dominance 
  • This is Lunar Lake — Intel’s utterly overhauled AI laptop chip that ditches memory sticks 
  • Instagram confirms test of 'unskippable' ads 
  • Gurman’s Epic Pre-WWDC Leak Report 
  • New York passes legislation that would ban 'addictive' social media algorithms for kids

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