This Week in Tech

Mar 17th 2024

This Week in Tech 971

The Element of Chaos

Hosted by Devindra Hardawar

SpaceX Spy Satellites, New Apple Carplay

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Category: News
  • The Panel discusses video Formats and aspect ratios 
  • House of Reps pass bill that could ban TikTok 
  • TechDirt: TikTok ban would be unconstitutional and doesn't actually help with threats 
  • TikTok estimated to be worth $100B, or $40B if it doesn't include the algorithm 
  • US wants to ban TikTok for the sins of every social media company 
  • What social media is the panel using? 
  • Musk's SpaceX is building spy satellite network for US intelligence agency, sources say 
  • Musk dumps Don Lemon after sitting through one interviuew 
  • "Gurman: CarPlay is now all Apple has left, should they charge for the more advanced version? + Apple planning for the biggest AirPods push yet with new low-end, mid-range models" 
  • Microsoft is hosting its Surface/AI event next week, what do we think about Microsoft's current PC and AI ambitions? 
  • FCC raises broadband minimums to 100Mbps/20Mbps, up from 25Mbps/3Mbps 
  • Pornhub says adios to Texas 
  • Profile of the UberCheats dev, who created an app to see how the Uber algorithm was screwing over workers 
  • What media is the panel watching?

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