This Week in Tech

Apr 22nd 2007

This Week in Tech 95

NABbed Red-Handed

Hosted by Leo Laporte
News from NAB, a debate over Red, and a eulogy for AMD...
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Category: News

News from NAB, a debate over Red, and a eulogy for AMD...

  • Leo is streaming on UStream.TV.
  • Virginia Tech has set upa memoriam on their website.
  • Dr. Phil blames the Virginia Tech shootings on violent videogames.
  • Apple released Final Cut Studio 2 at NAB.
  • In Final Cut Studio 2, Color was announced. It allowed for professional color grading.
  • The RED 4k camera was unleashed. This is going to scare the pants off of Sony.
  • Microsoft released its Flash competitor: Silverlight. Adobe also unveiled its own media player.
  • RIM suffered a widespread outage for its Blackberry email service, and the company has blamed a software upgrade.
  • Apple released a large security update that covered over 20 holes.
  • An Apple MacBook was hacked in a contest at a security event.
  • Dell has begun to offer Windows XP again, but wants you to buy Vista.
  • Michael Dell himself uses Ubuntu!
  • AMD reported a $611 million loss.
  • Youtube has deleted a video of John McCain singing 'Bomb Iran.'
  • Alec Baldwin left a threatening message to his daughter.
  • Will Ferrell has made a video where his daughter apparently swears at him.
  • Walmart will be releasing a $299 HD-DVD player.
  • Hitachi is coming out with a terabyte hard drive.
  • Google has dropped the name Froogle and switched the name to Google Product Search.
  • Google has launched an interesting, or creepy, service called Google History.