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Jan 29th 2023

This Week in Tech 912

Let Me Consult My AI Lawyer

Hosted by Leo Laporte

AI everywhere, Hive hacked, Microsoft earnings, To Leslie, @ElonJet

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Category: News

AI everywhere, Hive hacked, Microsoft earnings, To Leslie, @ElonJet

  • Pluralistic: Tiktok’s enshittification (21 Jan 2023). 
  • Inside CNET’s AI-powered SEO money machine. 
  • If ChatGPT doesn’t get a better grasp of facts, nothing else matters. 
  • Move over ChatGPT, Microsoft’s new AI tool is helping developers code faster. 
  • ChatGPT is enabling script kiddies to write functional malware. 
  • OPWNAI: Cybercriminals starting to use ChatGPT. 
  • MusicLM: Generating Music From Text. 
  • Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT. 
  • AI-powered "robot" lawyer won't argue in court after jail threats. 
  • More on Google and AI; OpenAI, Integration, and Microsoft – Stratechery by Ben Thompson. 
  • Meta’s AI chief Yann LeCun calls ChatGPT “not particularly innovative”. 
  • Inside Neeva, the ad-free, privacy-first search engine from ex-Googlers. 
  • US hacks back against Hive ransomware crew. 
  • Microsoft Revenue Up 2 Percent, but Profit Drops 12 Percent. 
  • GitHub: 100 million developers and counting. 
  • To Leslie' and the word-of-mouth campaign that got Andrea Riseborough an Oscar nomination. 
  • The flight tracker that powered @ElonJet has taken a left turn. 
  • Why Taylor Swift Is Using Facial Recognition at Concerts. 
  • James Dolan gives fiery interview defending facial recognition tech at MSG. 
  • AI makes Ariana Grande sing a Billie Eilish song. 

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