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Jan 22nd 2023

This Week in Tech 911

You Toot Too, Right?

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Twitter API fallout, Section 230, TikTok ban, tech layoffs, AmazonSmile RIP

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Category: News

Twitter API fallout, Section 230, TikTok ban, tech layoffs, AmazonSmile RIP

  •  Twitter’s new developer terms ban third-party clients.
  •  Twitterrific: End of an Era.
  •  In Memory of Tweetbot.
  •  Extremely Hardcore.
  •  Looming Twitter interest payment leaves Elon Musk with unpalatable options.
  •  Google has been sued and is involved in a lawsuit over YouTube algorithms.
  •  Supreme Court allows Reddit mods to anonymously defend Section 230.
  •  R Street Institute signs onto amicus brief in Gonzalez v. Google.
  •  Supreme Court Poised to Reconsider Key Tenets of Online Speech.
  •  India blocks YouTube videos and Twitter posts on BBC Modi documentary.
  •  As states ban TikTok on government devices, evidence of harm is thin.
  •  TikTok confirms that its own employees can decide what goes viral.
  •  How Finland Is Teaching a Generation to Spot Misinformation.
  •  Google Parent Alphabet to Cut 12,000 Jobs.
  •  Microsoft set to lay off thousands of employees.
  •  Microsoft has laid off entire teams behind Virtual, Mixed Reality, and HoloLens.
  •  Apple Postpones AR/VR Glasses, Plans Cheaper Mixed-Reality Headset (AAPL).
  •  How Apple Has So Far Avoided Layoffs: Lean Hiring, No Free Lunches.
  •  Comixology hit hard by Amazon’s massive layoffs.
  •  Inside CNET’s AI-powered SEO money machine.
  •  CNET pauses publishing AI-written stories after disclosure controversy.
  •  The Lisa: Apple's Most Influential Failure.
  •  T-Mobile (TMUS) Says Hacker Stole Data for 37 Million Customers.
  •  AmazonSmile set to close, Amazon announces.
  •  Former Exec explains why on Reddit.

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