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May 29th 2022

This Week in Tech 877

First, You Need Bootstraps

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Seth Green's NFT stolen, DuckDuckGo and Microsoft, Apple Union battle
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Seth Green's NFT stolen, DuckDuckGo and Microsoft, Apple Union battle

  •  Someone Stole Seth Green's Bored Ape And Star Of His New NFT Show.
  •  Best Crypto Wallets by Nicholas De Leon.
  •  A California bill could allow parents to sue social-media companies for up to $25,000 if their children become addicted to the platforms.
  •  Court upholds the block on Florida's social media 'censorship' law.
  •  Senator Klobuchar Fixed None Of The Problems With Her Antitrust Bill; But Made Sure To Carve Out ACTUAL Monopolists Like Telcos And Finance Companies.
  •  DuckDuckGo browser allows Microsoft trackers due to search agreement.
  •  These Period Tracker Apps Say They Put Privacy First. Here’s What We Found.
  •  Apple VP kindly reminds retail workers that they can say no to unions.
  •  We Tried Apple's Self Repair Program. You Shouldn't. (Probably).
  •  Apple Shows AR/VR Headset to Board in Sign of Progress on Key Project.
  •  Microsoft is making a native Arm version of Visual Studio 2022 and a mini PC.
  •  Elon Musk Called Out for Using Stolen Cartoon to Illustrate Twitter Takeover.
  •  Twitter shareholders sue Elon Musk and Twitter over chaotic deal.
  •  After 17 years, Peter Thiel has officially left Meta's board.
  •  DC attorney general sues Mark Zuckerberg over Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  •  Twitter to pay $150 mln to settle with U.S. over privacy, security violations.
  •  Want to make it in the music industry? You better go viral on TikTok.
  •  Elizabeth Holmes pleaded with a judge to overturn her Theranos convictions, citing 'insufficient evidence'.
  •  End of an era as New York removes last public payphone.
  •  Analog City: NYC B.C. (Before Computers).

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