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Mar 20th 2022

This Week in Tech 867

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Hosted by Leo Laporte

Mac Studio review, Netflix password sharing, Amazon Project Iliad

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Category: News

Mac Studio review, Netflix password sharing, Amazon Project Iliad

  •  Jason's Mac Studio review: Something new.
  •  Mac Studio FULL Teardown - M1 Ultra chip REVEALED!
  •  Jason's Apple Studio Display Review: A welcome return.
  •  The Samsung Odyssey Ark is its largest curved monitor yet — and you can turn it on its side.
  •  Jason's M1 iPad Air review: A familiar face.
  •  OS Updates arrive with Universal Control, Mask Unlock.
  •  Zelensky video deepfake.
  •  Facebook removes ‘deepfake’ of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.
  •  Brazil's Supreme Court suspends Telegram, a key Bolsonaro platform.
  •  Vimeo is telling creators to suddenly pay thousands of dollars — or leave the platform.
  •  Vimeo is sorry, and here’s how it’s changing.
  •  The internet forgot about Clubhouse. Anti-war Russians didn’t.
  •  Using a New Cyber Tool, Westerners Have Been Texting Russians About the War in Ukraine.
  •  Amazon Closes $8.5 Billion Acquisition of MGM.
  •  CNN confirms streaming service CNN+ to launch this spring.
  •  Netflix Will Prompt Subscribers to Pay for Users Outside Their Households in New Test to Address Unauthorized Password Sharing.
  •  Microsoft says Windows 11 File Explorer ads were ‘not intended to be published externally’.
  •  Germany Warns Kaspersky Could Be Used to ‘Attack’ During Ukraine Invasion.
  •  SpaceX sent Starlink internet terminals to Ukraine. They could paint a 'giant target' on users' backs, experts say.
  •  McLaren F1 car sports 'Chrome wheels' and Android logo.
  •  Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters.
  •  Amazon's 'Project Iliad' Made It Harder to Cancel Prime: Leaked Data.
  •  Bored Apes NFT project gets official ‘ApeCoin’ token.
  •  Mark Zuckerberg confirms NFTs are coming to Instagram.
  • California bill would let parents sue social media companies for addicting kids.
  •  Permanent Daylight Saving Time bill could stall in the House.
  •  “Better than our most optimistic prediction” – first images from James Webb exceed all expectations.
  •  CD sales just rose for the first time in almost two decades.

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