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Oct 24th 2021

This Week in Tech 846

I Love You Zune Much

Hosted by Leo Laporte
New Mac chips, new Pixel 6, Proton Mail's big win, Squid Game rakes it in
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Category: News

I Love You Zune Much - New Mac chips, new Pixel 6, Proton Mail's big win, Squid Game rakes it in

  • Samsung now lets you customize your own Galaxy Z Flip 3. 
  • Pixel 6: Everything to know about Google's newest phone. 
  • Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro finally bring new camera hardware in addition to software. 
  • Intel slipped—and its future now depends on making everyone else’s chips. 
  • If The Arm Deal Fails, NVIDIA Is Fine, But Arm May Struggle. 
  • Apple announces 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro: new design, display notch, 120Hz, M1 Pro chip, HDMI, MagSafe, more. 
  • Apple announces third-generation AirPods for $179. 
  • @PatrickMcGee_: "An *enormous thread* on alleged @Google @Facebook collusion based on the just-released *unredacted* complaint from the Texas AG." 
  • @fasterthanlime: "google has a secret deal with facebook called "Jedi Blue" that they knew was so illegal that it has a whole section describing how they'll cover for each other if anyone finds out" 
  • Why Facebook is rebranding. 
  • What it was like to watch Steve Jobs introduce the iPod 20 years ago. 
  • Proton wins appeal in Swiss court over surveillance laws. 
  • Squid Game Season 2? Series Worth $900 Million to Netflix So Far. 
  • YouTube is about to pull its apps from Roku, and the fight is going all the way to Congress. 
  • John Carmack pushes out unlocked OS for defunct Oculus Go headset. 
  • Microsoft now lets you test Android apps on Windows 11. 
  • A&W Turns its 'Worst Marketing Fail' Into a New Burger. 

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