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Jul 18th 2021

This Week in Tech 832

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Hosted by Jason Snell
Windows 365, Windows on iPad
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Category: News

Windows 365, Windows on iPad

  • Targets of spyware revealed
  •  Retail stores packed with unchecked Facial Recognition
  •  So Long, Twitter Fleets
  •  Twitter for iOS now lets you edit (who can reply to your old) tweets
  •  Running Windows 3.1 and TRS-80 emulation on an iPad!
  •  Facebook Has Fired Dozens Over Abusing Access to User Data, New Book Says
  •  Surgeon General's Warning for Facebook
  •  Social Warming (book)
  •  Windows 365 puts PCs in the cloud
  •  The new Steam Deck for Gaming
  •  Lots of apps use your personal contacts. Few will tell you what they do with them.
  •  Tesla FSD beta v9, Not So Great
  •  Apple Watch and Health exec Kevin Lynch joining the Apple Car team
  •  Dyson EV
  •  Anthony Bourdain AI narration
  •  Val Kilmer comparison
  •  Tech Workers Who Swore Off the Bay Area Are Coming Back
  •  Where Lorem Ipsum Comes From

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