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Mar 7th 2021

This Week in Tech 813

Zoom Dating

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Fighting Zoom fatigue, major Microsoft hack, ending 3rd party cookies, Dorsey's NFT
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Fighting Zoom fatigue, major Microsoft hack, ending 3rd-party cookies, Dorsey's NFT

  •  Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes.
  •  Zoom (ZM) earnings Q4 2021.
  • At Least 30,000 U.S. Organizations Newly Hacked Via Holes in Microsoft’s Email Software.
  • Grimes made $5.8 million in 20 minutes selling NFT art.
  •  Jack Dorsey is trying to sell his first tweet as an NFT.
  •  Square Acquires Tidal in $297 Million Deal.
  •  NFTs are a dangerous trap.
  •  Apple Confirms iMac Pro Will Be Discontinued When Supplies Run Out, Recommends 27-Inch iMac.
  •  How Apple's locked-down security gives extra protection to the best hackers.
  • Apple (AAPL) Share Price and News: the U.K. Starts Antitrust Probe of App Store.
  • A Leading Critic of Big Tech Will Join the White House.
  • Tim Wu and the break-up of the baby bells.
  • Microsoft Mesh feels like the virtual future of Microsoft Teams meetings.
  •  Pentagon May Dump $10 Billion JEDI Program Over Microsoft, Amazon Fight.
  •  Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop is now free for all Windows 10 users.
  • Brave buys a search engine, promises no tracking, no profiling, and may even offer a paid-for, no-ad version.
  •  Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Your Specific Web Browsing.
  • Californians aren't leaving the state en masse — but they are leaving San Francisco, study says.
  • Nintendo Plans Switch Model With Bigger Samsung OLED Display.
  • Antivirus Software Trailblazer John McAfee Accused of $13 Million ‘Scalping’ Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme.

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