This Week in Tech

Nov 22nd 2020

This Week in Tech 798

The Lighthouse Keeper and His Robot Butler

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Tech hearings, streaming Windows, RCS encryption
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Category: News

Tech hearings, streaming Windows, RCS encryption 

  • TikTok pokes the lion about why it hasn't been shut down yet.
  •  Why do the tech Senate hearings continue without any YouTube presence?
  •  L’Oréal's virtual makeup filters now support Instagram, Snapchat, and Google Duo.
  • A website that allows you to scream into the vast wilderness in Iceland.
  • Does Section 230 need to be changed or is it nearly perfect already?
  •  Apple's M1 chip and the folly of buying first-generation Apple products.
  •  Comparing Apple's consumer-based services approach to Microsoft's cloud based services approach.
  •  RCS encryption is testing and it's been a long time coming.
  • Does Apple lock users into its own Messaging default?
  •  The prevalence of Discord among younger users.
  • Flash animations are now easily accessible on the Internet Archive.
  •  Windows celebrates its 35th birthday.
  •  How Microsoft's focus on Windows has shifted in recent years.
  •  Someone figured out how to boot a PC from a vinyl record.
  • Google Pay is relaunched to focus on personal finance analysis and banking.
  •  An Arecibo Observatory is on its last legs.
  •  Marissa Mayer's Sunshine app represents her love of product.
  •  A drywall-installing robot by Canvas comes out of stealth.
  •  How gift buying for the holidays has changed this year.
  •  Lory shows off her iPhone mini in light of her recent review.

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