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Nov 15th 2020

This Week in Tech 797

There's Blubber All Over the Highway

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple Silicon, Exploding Whale, TikTok
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Category: News

Apple Silicon, Exploding Whale, TikTok 

  • Apple releases three new Macs based on the M1 chip. Should you buy them?
  • Why the fact that MacBooks have a 720p camera doesn't matter
  • Why Apple put the M1 chip in their low-end Macs first
  • How Rosetta 2 works
  • Is Apple really faster than 98% of PC laptops?
  • These people should still buy an Intel-based Mac
  • How Apple Silicon Macs are changing the entire PC industry
  • What's inside Apple's M1 chip and why it's there
  • Is Apple's new M1 chips' integrated GPU a problem?
  • Will Apple Silicon kill Adobe?
  • How Apple Silicon will change the AR world
  • This is the HomePod Mini
  • Wait a minute... Apple checks your apps and IP every time you launch a program???
  • What's new in macOS Big Sur
  • iJustine: Xbox Series X Fridge Unboxing
  • Google Photos unlimited storage is no longer free
  • SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch
  • Google is spying on your Android phone
  • Eric Schmitt becomes a citizen of Cyprus
  • YouTube Rewind is canceled this year
  • EU opens antitrust investigation on Amazon
  • Alibaba's Singles Day makes $115b total over 12 days
  • TikTok survives: US government gives them 2 more weeks
  • The first internet video Karsten ever saw: the exploding whale

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