This Week in Tech

Jun 28th 2020

This Week in Tech 777

Apple's RISCy Move

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple WWDC Recap - Apple Silicon, macOS 11, iOS 14
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Category: News
  • Apple WWDC Recap - Apple Silicon, macOS 11, iOS 14
  • Mac moves from Intel to Apple Silicon
  • What happens to Intel? Microsoft?
  • iOS apps will run on Macs
  • Will Macs still run Windows on Boot Camp?
  • Microsoft closes all retail stores - are PCs moving to the cloud?
  • PC gaming - the biggest reason you need a PC
  • Can x86 die already?
  • What could go wrong with the shift to Apple Silicon?
  • Should you buy an Intel Mac now? Should you buy the first version of the ARM Mac?
  • The fastest supercomputer in the world has an ARM chip
  • macOS goes to 11
  • Should WWDC stay virtual next year?
  • Will macOS and iOS merge?
  • Group Messages grows up
  • Will ARM Macs use Thunderbolt? USB 4?
  • When will the first ARM Macs show up?
  • How well will Rosetta 2 work?
  • How is the transition to ARM going to work? How long has it already been going on?
  • Apple WWDC interviews and presentations
  • Six Colors has all the info you need on all the WWDC presentations - here are the best
  • WWDC iOS 14 and watchOS 7 Speed Round - back tap, custom home screen, group FaceTime with sign language, App Clips, Shortcuts on Apple Watch, translation app, hand washing timer, dance, AirPods Pro custom EQ
  • Tik Tok is grabbing your clipboard every 10 seconds
  • Don't install Big Sur beta on your main computer!
  • iOS 14 warns you about tracking cookies
  • Trump campaign app steals all your data
  • app allowed on the App Store
  • Olympus leaving the camera business
  • Finally, surveyors all use the same foot
  • Microsoft kills Mixer; Ninja and Shroud get to keep their money

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