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Jul 5th 2020

This Week in Tech 778

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Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple Glasses, iOS 14 Privacy, and Hamilton on Disney+
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Apple Glasses, iOS 14 Privacy, and Hamilton on Disney+

  • Is Apple pulling away from the competition?
  • Is Intel dying?
  • Snap Spectacles third edition arrives in India
  • Google buys North, makers of Focals smart glasses
  • Where are Alexis Ohanian and Pete Cashmore?
  • Mark Gurman has the scoop on Apple Glasses
  • Lidar technology could drive Apple business for the next decade
  • The Race After Technology and holography
  • Is technology making life too fast?
  • iOS 14 highlights ad tracking - advertisers are not happy about it.
  • iOS 14 outs Tik Tok and LinkedIn for snooping on the clipboard 
  • Apple says no to 16 Web APIs for Safari for security reasons
  • Ad tracking is big business for Google, Facebook, and Spotify
  • What is the future of brick and mortar? Warehouses with curbside delivery? 
  • Advertizers boycotting Facebook, but they'll be back
  • Microsoft wants to "upskill" 25 million workers for high-demand jobs
  • Eye Mouth Eye Twitter trend tricks tech Twitter into donating to Black Lives Matter charities
  • Anonymous shopping cart abandoner causes chaos for online vendors - here's who is to blame
  • Lululemon buys Mirror for half a billion dollars
  • Hamilton premieres on Disney+ to rave reviews
  • BMW does a press event in VR to show off their subscription heated seats
  • With NFC and ultrawideband, your phone can be your car key

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