This Week in Tech

Jun 14th 2020

This Week in Tech 775

Bacon Buddies

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Zoom's Fail of the Week, Police Face Recognition, Apple at $1.5T
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Category: News
  •  Zoom bans an American's account at China's request, won't have real end-to-end encryption
  •  IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft stop selling face recognition software to the police
  •  Clearview and Palantir continue to sell face recognition to the police
  •  Apple is the world's first $1.5 trillion company
  •  Apple WWDC 2020 coming June 22. Here's what Apple will announce.
  •  How quickly will Apple transition Macs to ARM?
  •  Refrigerator DRM is catching up with printer DRM
  •  ZFS cuts "slave" out of OpenZFS codebase. GitHub ditches "master"
  •  Michael Seibel replaces Alexis Ohanian on Reddit board
  •  HBO yanks Gone With the Wind, it becomes the #1 show on Apple TV+
  •  Four GOP Senators ask FCC to review Section 230
  •  PS5 hardware and games announced - disc vs digital
  •  Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
  • Games for Racial Justice and Equality surpasses it's $5 million goal

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