This Week in Tech

Jun 7th 2020

This Week in Tech 774

The Mafia is Zooming

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Big Tech and Racism, Trump and Biden Phished
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Category: News
  •  Tim Cook and Satya Nadella speaking up on racism - what should Big Tech do?
  •  Amazon says they are against racism, but sells racist facial recognition tech to police
  •  Can tech improve policing?
  •  Social and Organizational barriers to change
  •  Should social networks fact-check Trump?
  •  James Bennet resigns as Opinion Editor of NYT after letting Tom Cotton post-inflammatory editorial
  •  YouTube is a bigger problem than Facebook and Twitter
  •  How do we fix Google, Facebook, and Twitter without losing more jobs? Creativity, transparency, and incentives
  • Synthetic biology, synthetic marketplaces, synthetic people
  •  Reddit founder quits and asks to be replaced by a black person
  •  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admits they were wrong about Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest
  •  Minneapolis will dismantle their police department
  •  Zoom won't encrypt free tier so they can help the cops
  •  Russian GRU exploiting Exim Mail Transfer Agent
  •  Trump and Biden campaigns being phished by China and Iran
  •  Project Gutenberg is now illegal in Italy
  •  HBO Max will not apply to AT&T data caps, but you can't play it on Roku or Amazon devices

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