This Week in Tech

Mar 22nd 2020

This Week in Tech 763

Ghost Finger

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Don't CarPlay and Drive, iPad Pro with LiDAR
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Category: News

This week's stories:

  •  Study proves that using CarPlay and Android Auto is worse than driving drunk
  •  Focus on security - cybercriminals are taking advantage of coronavirus
  •  Sam Abuelsamid explains LiDAR
  •  What to expect from Apple's AR future
  •  "Your next computer is not a computer" Apple's iPad Pro vs MacBook Air
  •  MacBook Air - useable keyboard, updated processors
  •  Steven Sinofsky on the iPad - "part of convergent evolution of PC hardware"
  •  Microsoft Neo and Windows 10X: a much-needed rethinking of Windows
  •  Google I/O is canceled
  •  How to set up Zoom to prevent "ZoomBombing"
  •  Video conferencing solutions for work-from-home
  •  Netflix drops video quality in Europe, but not America - here's why
  •  YouTube launches new online education resources
  •  Google launches distance learning fund
  •  Anthony Levandowski pleads guilty to one charge of theft of a trade secret
  •  Amazon wants to hire 100,000 people; Walmart wants 150,000, but both are facing product shortages
  •  Facebook donates masks and gloves to health professionals
  •  Pwn2Own hackers beat Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, and more
  •  Department of Justice wants to wave habeas corpus and kill encryption
  •  Italians 3D print $11,000 ventilator valve for $1 - original manufacturer threatens to sue
  •  Audible offers free audiobooks for kids, and so does your public library
  •  Gamestop finally closes California stores
  •  Sonic the Hedgehog and other movies stream instead of airing in theaters
  •  PS5 vs Xbox Series X
  •  Pixar founders win $1 Million Turing prize
  •  Self-driving taxis need a disinfectant system

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