This Week in Tech

Nov 5th 2006

This Week in Tech 75

TWiTs at Sea

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Stock option scandals, the newest ipod, and a victory for wi-fi...
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Category: News
  • There have been several stock option scandals where stocks are being backdated.
  • The FCC has ruled that Boston Logan Airport must allow Continental airlines to offer free WiFi at their gates.
  • Google's WiFi service in San Francisco shall top out at 300kbps.
  • If you find a wireless network called "Free Public WiFi", it's just a flaw in Windows XP that has been virally spreading.
  • The second generation iPod Shuffle is now shipping.
  • Steve Wozniak stated that he carries $20,000 at all times.
  • Watch Steven Colbert's interview with Steve Wozniak.
  • Apple released a document where they mentioned a "touch-screen" iPod.
  • Google has purchased Jotspot.
  • Google has launched a mobile application for Gmail.
  • Google has begun sharing ad revenue with videographers.
  • MySpace is going to begin using audio fingerprinting to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded to the site.
  • Microsoft has clarified their Vista license agreement.
  • Here's a video on how easily a voting machine can be hacked.