This Week in Tech

Feb 16th 2020

This Week in Tech 758

Facemasks and Fear

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Samung Galaxy Flip Review, MWC 2020 Cancelled, Windows 10X Explained
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Category: News

This week's stories:

  • Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled over COVID-19 fears
  • China virtually shut down due to COVID-19. Foxconn's iPhone plant closed; making face masks instead.
  • RSA Conference (Feb 24th in San Francisco) is next - IBM has already dropped out. Is this the end of conferences?
  • China's response to COVID-19 includes increased surveillance and the "Close Contact" app. Is America next?
  • Focals by North AR glasses could be the answer to COVID-19. Are we ready for AR+databases?
  • Check out TWiT's review of Focals on Hands-On Tech!
  • Apple stores and factories closed in China. Apple was expected to announce an iPhone SE replacement this spring - will it be put on hold?
  • Samsung Z Flip Review - the most transformative new smartphone in years
  • Windows 10X - Microsoft's first try at a 32bit-free OS and a two-screen device OS
  • Windows 10X on a MacBook - it can be done! (But don't try it at home)
  • Google's new OS is called... Pigweed?
  • Windows 10X coming to dual-screen laptops and tablets by the end of the year
  • Microsoft Duo caught on video in the wild!
  • $1000+ flagship phones are now the norm. Are they worth it? (Yes)
  • Cloud-based computing will become the norm in the next 5 years
  • Amazon sues the US government over JEDI contract given to Microsoft; JEDI put on hold by a federal judge
  • Taika Waititi blasts the crappy MacBook keyboard at the Oscars
  • Raspberry Pi - the best kids' computer available
  • Watch Hands-On Android! Episode 0 out now, Episode 1 coming 2/20/2020:
  • Coming soon: Hands-On Mac and Hands-On Linux!
  • Spotify will destroy podcasting as we know it
  • Elizabeth Holmes gets some of the Theranos charges dropped by a federal judge
  • Is Venture Capitalism destroying capitalism?
  • HQ Trivia crashes and burns - when will the current tech bubble burst?
  • Essential shuttered - alleged sexual assaulter and Android inventor Andy Rubin's revolutionary phone company fails after less than a year.
  • T-Mobile and Sprint merger passes second-to-last hurdle in its way
  • Jeff Bezos buys the most expensive house in America

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