TWiT 2024 Audience Survey

Happy New Year, TWiT fans.

The 2024 TWiT Survey is open at The annual survey helps us get a general idea of who our audience is. It helps us make better programming decisions and pick advertisers we think you'd be interested in.

I understand that some questions in the survey are personal. I want to assure you that we do not identify you in any way and only use the aggregate information from the tens of thousands of responses. (For example, "More than 60% of our audience are in management level or higher.")

I know many of you take privacy very seriously, and we respect that. You don't need to submit any personally identifiable information (like an email address) in order to take the survey. So, take the survey before it closes in February, and thanks for helping us make TWiT even better.

Leo Laporte, Chief TWiT