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Oct 15th 2006

This Week in Tech 73

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Hosted by Leo Laporte
Dvorak eats crow, Congress eats gambling sites, and Microsoft eats its young...
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Category: News

Dvorak eats crow, Congress eats gambling sites, and Microsoft eats its young...

  • Microsoft has severely limited Windows Vista license transfers.
  • If you do not pass WGA in Windows Vista, you will be put into a "reduced functionality mode".
  • Disney claims, "We understand piracy now as a business model."
  • Creative pushed out a firmware update that disabled FM recording.
  • Executives from McAfee and CNet have both resigned over stock options.
  • Monster's CEO resigned because he could "no longer dedicate the numer of hours required" to review the company's stock option grants.
  • HP's CEO Mark Hurd sold $1.4 million a week before the spying scandal was unveiled.
  • Google has officially bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.
  • In the process of being acquired by Google, Youtube had to implement an anti-piracy system.
  • Apparently, over half of MySpace users are over the age of 35.
  • With the passing of a new anti-terrorism bill, online gambling is now illegal.
  • PokerStars says that it is still in business under the new anti-gambling law because poker is apparently a game of skill.
  • Eudora has gone open-source, and the Mozilla Foundation will be its caretaker.
  • According to an Apple-funded study "proved" that a 30-in. screen increases productivity.
  • Play every Apple 2 game ever created online.
  • Transmeta has sued Intel over patent infringements.
  • Microsoft is going to push out Internet Explorer 7 over Microsoft Update.