This Week in Tech

Jun 2nd 2019

This Week in Tech 721

Google+ is Still Up

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Google Down, WWDC Preview, RIP BBM, and More!
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Category: News
  •  Google Down! Is it 768K Day?
  •  Huawei Stops Making Phones
  •  WWDC Preview: Is iTunes Doomed?
  •  WWDC Preview: Is the Mac Pro Doomed?
  •  WWDC 2019 Preview: Is Intel Doomed?
  •  WWDC Preview: Is Non-mobile Computing Doomed?
  •  WWDC Preview: Will Apple Free the Watch?
  •  WWDC Preview: Is your Eyesight Doomed?
  •  WWDC Preview: iPhone Privacy Ruined by 3rd Party Apps
  •  The Final iPod Touch Just Launched
  •  Apple's Monopoly Propaganda Push
  •  Foxconn: Tariffs in China and Mexico, Nothing Going in Wisconsin
  •  Alexa, Delete What I Said Today
  •  DOJ "Investigating" Google
  •  Will Amazon Buy Boost Mobile? Will Microsoft?
  •  BlueKeep Still Threatening 1M Windows Computers
  •  Microsoft's Modern OS Manifesto
  •  The US Requires All Immigrants to Provide Social Media Details
  •  The UK Wants in on Your Encrypted Chats
  •  Australian Cops Spy on You in McDonald's
  •  North Face Gets Busted Spamming Wikipedia
  •  RIP BBM
  •  T-Series Beats PewDiePie to 100 Million
  •  Play Cuphead on your Tesla

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