This Week in Tech

May 26th 2019

This Week in Tech 720

Everybody Loves Furry Pikachu

Hosted by Leo Laporte
US vs Huawei, Lootboxes, Julian Assange, Sonic the Hedgehog... and more!
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Category: News
  •  Baltimore City Government held for Ransom by Hackers Using NSA tools
  •  Own a House? Hackers Probably have your Social Security Number.
  •  PlayDate: The Gaming Handheld with a Crank
  •  Is Huawei Spying on Us?
  •  Intel Breaks the 5.0GHz Barrier
  •  Chinese Owner of Grindr Leaked User Data to Employees
  •  US Air Force Being Cyber Attacked by US Navy
  •  AMD Brings Ray Tracing to Computex
  •  GDPR: One Year Later
  •  Assange Charged under the Espionage Act
  •  AI Deepfake Brings Mona Lisa to Life
  •  Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Delayed Due to Disturbing GGI
  •  SpaceX Launches Starlink Internet Satellites
  •  The United States vs Lootboxes

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