This Week in Tech

Nov 18th 2018

This Week in Tech 693

Big Boy Easy Bake Oven

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Facebook is still horrid, Amazon's new headquarters(s), Google’s smart city, and more
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Category: News
  • Facebook's latest crisis is... its reaction to its last crisis.
  • Waymo plans a driverless car service.
  • Amazon announces its new headquarters in Queens and North Virginia.
  • Google's "smart city" in Toronto gets some pushback.
  • Julian Assange has been charged with... something?
  • SpaceX gets approval to launch 7000 internet satellites.
  • Japan's cybersecurity chief is 100% unhackable - because he has never touched a computer.
  • Alphabet's Verily gives up on glucose-measuring contact lenses.

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