This Week in Tech

Nov 25th 2018

This Week in Tech 694

Reverse Superlatives

Hosted by Leo Laporte
China's technological totalitarianism, Black Friday winners and losers, social media backlash, and more.
Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 22:15 UTC.
Category: News
  • US government tells allies not to buy Huawei products
  • China to fully roll out "social credit" scoring system by end of 2020
  • Is Apple bringing back the iPhone X?
  • Google News may leave EU over link tax
  • Cards against Humanity wins Black Friday, Sears loses.
  • For one brief shining moment this week, Microsoft was the world's most valuable company
  • Social media influencers and social media backlash
  • Amazon wants to buy Fox sports channels

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