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Jun 18th 2006

This Week in Tech 58

The Milla Jovovich Show

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Category: News
  • We're at Yahoo for Podcast Academy 3
  • Bill Gates is stepping down from his position and handed his keys to Ray Ozzie.
  • Google has launced a Shakespeare site
  • Google Earth beta 4.0 has been released
  • Google is building a GooglePlex
  • The iPod city.
  • Apple is going to investigate the iPod city.
  • Apple may create a flash-based ultra-portable
  • Microsoft is creating an audio/video device and service.
  • Apple is in trouble with Scandanavia for its iTunes user license.
  • ThePirateBay is moving back to Sweden
  • Amazon is beginning to sell groceries.
  • There's a ringtone that only kids can hear.
  • In Washington, any site that talks about online gambling is committing a felony.
  • Cablevision countersues Hollywood stating that their DVR system is similar to Betamax.
  • Samsun is shipping the very first Blu-Ray player.
  • A worm called BlackAngel.B spreads via MSN Messenger, en español.
  • Netflix is suing Blockbuster over movie queues.
  • And Blockbuster countersues saying that it is "like a fast-food restaurant trying to patent...the drive-through window."
  • Flickr's taking down screenshots.
  • Microsoft says there is a critical hole in Windows 98/Windows ME, and will not fix it.
  • Netscape has a Digg ripoff on their hands.

Watch for the entries in the Remix 57 challenge. I got around a dozen so it's going to take me a little time to get them all posted. Thanks to everyone who made the attempt. You all did a better job than I did!

Disclaimer: Milla Jovovich does not appear in any way on this program. And probably wouldn't even if we asked her.