This Week in Tech

Jun 11th 2006

This Week in Tech 57


Hosted by Leo Laporte

(almost) Live from Vloggercon... it's Monday night!

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Category: News
  • Dvorak talks cats and ceiling fans
  • E-mail is dead?
  • Debate about the definition of vlogging.
  • The House of Representatives has approved a bill to allow telcos to offer subscription TV.
  • Use Inboxer to search through Enron's e-mails.
  • The House of Representatives voted against net neutrality
  • Cox Interactive was blocking Craigslist
  • Microsoft introduces pay-as-you-go computing
  • Survey says: iPods are more popular than beer
  • Windows Genuine Advantage phones home
  • Office 2007 is incredibly slick
  • "If you blog with authenticity, you have a better life." -Jason McCabe Calcanis
  • Rocketboom is beginning a new kids show called Jet Set Show
  • Ask a Ninja is starting a new show called Hope is Emo