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Jun 24th 2007

This Week in Tech 102


Hosted by Leo Laporte
iPhone hysteria, Microsoft's big ass table, and Sicko leaks...
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iPhone hysteria, Microsoft's big ass table, and Sicko leaks...

  • To make the iPhone look smaller, Apple decided to use a model with much larger hands.
  • Apple is swearing that the iPhone will have 8 hours of talk time. It will also feature a glass surface instead of a plastic one.
  • Walt Mossberg has an iPhone in his ownership for review.
  • Watch the Microsoft Surface parody: one day, your computer will be a big-ass table.
  • Michael Moore's new movie, Sicko, has been released on Bittorrent.
  • A user on the Ubuntu Forums has managed to validate an installation of Ubuntu as genuine Windows.
  • According to a study, teenagers prefer mobile phones to sex.
  • A new WiFi distance record of 382 kilometers has been set.
  • Yahoo CEO Terry Semel has stepped down to be replaced by founder Jerry Yang.
  • Rumors are circulating that Microsoft may be aiming to acquire Yahoo.
  • Leo has watched Dick in a Box 4 times on his AppleTV.
  • Other rumors are circulating that Google may purchase Apple.
  • YouTube will also be on the iPhone.
  • An Air Force general has stated that Google Earth is a security risk.
  • Congress has discovered repeated security breaches.
  • Do you use the ten most hated words on the Internet?
  • A proposed amendment to the current copy protection license would essentially ban all DVD copying.