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Jun 21st 2024

This Week in Space 116

Spreading the Good Word

Hosted by Rod Pyle, Tariq Malik

Spreading the Good Word - With the Space and Things Podcast

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Category: News

In the world of space podcasts, the Space and Things podcast is a keeper (along with ours, of course). The brainchild of Emily Carney, founder of the Space Hipsters on Facebook, and singer/songwriter Dave Giles, Space and Things brings us some premiere guests in the space sector. Subjects are always compelling, and as we well know, that takes work. We'll dive into the intricacies of creating--and maintaining--a quality space podcast and the success of Emily's Facebook group, the Space Hipsters, now 62,000 members strong.

- Boeing's Starliner mission extended to June 26th for further testing of thrusters and leaks before undocking and landing at White Sands Space Harbor (no, the astronauts are not "stuck" in space)
- Rocket Lab achieves 50th launch of their Electron rocket, reaching the milestone faster than SpaceX's Falcon 9 and other major launch providers
- June 24th marks the first full moon of summer, also known as the Strawberry Moon

Main Topic:  Interview with Emily Carney and Dave Giles from Space and Things Podcast:
- Space and Things podcast focuses on space and its intersection with art, popular culture, and other unique aspects, with over 200 episodes released
- Emily and Dave share their personal space experiences, including Emily's childhood memories of watching Space Shuttle launches and Dave's visit to the Kennedy Space Center
- The podcast features a diverse range of guests, including astronauts, their children, historians, and space enthusiasts, covering topics beyond the typical space discussions
- Emily discusses her Facebook group, Space Hipsters, which has grown to over 62,000 members and aims to create an inclusive community for space enthusiasts
- The importance of space fan clubs in providing a sense of belonging and a platform for space enthusiasts to connect and share their passion
- The guests discuss their dream podcast guests, with Emily choosing Gerard O'Neill and Dave selecting Tom Hanks and Jim Lovell
- Emily and Dave express their eagerness to participate in commercial spaceflight if given the opportunity
- The episode concludes with a discussion on the best space-themed songs, with the hosts and guests sharing their personal favorites

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