This Week in Law

Jan 27th 2017

This Week in Law 374

Nobody Expects The National Park Service

Federal Twitter accounts resist Trump, rumored gag orders spawn "Alt-Gov" Twitter accounts, Techdirt fights libel claims, Jeff Sessions wants backdoors, Ajit Pai doesn't want Net neutrality, Axanar and CBS/Paramount settle their suit.
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Guests: David Greene
Category: News

Does the First Amendment protect the official and unofficial tweets of government employees? EFF Civil Liberties Director David Greene joins Denise Howell and Emory Roane to discuss free speech and whistleblower laws that apply to off-message government employees and "Alt"-agency social media accounts. Techdirt fights for its right to dispute the so-called inventor of email. Future Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants strong encryption AND backdoors: will Washington every believe evidence and argument saying that's not possible? Incoming FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to take a weed whacker to telecom regulation, including Net neutrality. Axanar settles with CBS/Paramount, declining to boldly go where no fan film has gone before. And dogs bring the Slants oral argument to life.

Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass

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