This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

May 29th 2024

This Week in Google 770

Giggle Pants and Chortle Skorts

Google AI Answers, ICQ, Private Jet Tracking

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Category: News
  • Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search
  • Ex-OpenAI Director Says Board Learned of ChatGPT Launch on Twitter
  • OpenAI researcher who resigned over safety concerns joins Anthropic
  • UN statement on risks from generative AI
  • We'll Miss You: Pioneering instant messaging program ICQ is finally shutting down after nearly 30 years
  • Congress Just Made It Basically Impossible to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet
  • Everything Google announced at its big Chromebook showcase
  • Google adds AI-powered features to Chromebook
  • Here's the Google Home app 'Favorites' widget
  • Google Ads Now Being Mixed In With Organic Results
  • YouTube's free games catalog 'Playables' rolls out to all users
  • How Shein and Temu Snuck Up on Amazon
  • BuzzFeed Clashes With Vivek Ramaswamy, Its New Activist Investor
  • Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine under DDoS cyber-attack
  • HUGE Google Search document leak reveals inner workings of ranking algorithm
  • TikTok offered an extraordinary deal. The U.S. government took a pass
  • Parents Dance Like It’s the ’80s on TikTok, and Bring Down the House
  • Meta's white, male advisory group
  • My weekend plans: Ren Faire on HBO
  • Canva meets Hamilton
  • Top 50 podcasts

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