This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Nov 22nd 2023

This Week in Google 743

Competitive Pantomime

OpenAI deep dive, Musk's Media Matters lawsuit, Stable Video Diffusion

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Category: News
  • From King to Exile to King Again: The Inside Story of Sam Altman’s Whiplash Week
  • OpenAI’s Misalignment and Microsoft’s Gain – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
  • Ilya Sutskever on X: "I deeply regret my participation in the board's actions. I never intended to harm OpenAI. I love everything we've built together and I will do everything I can to reunite the company."
  • Altman Argued With OpenAI Board Member Toner Before Ouster
  • Microsoft exits OpenAI drama with 'one of best possible outcomes'
  • Dear Elon Musk, here are five things you might want to consider about AGI
  • DeepMind releases new music model
  • Google is embedding inaudible watermarks right into its AI generated music
  • Introducing Stable Video Diffusion — Stability AI
  • Google Meet can now detect when you physically raise your hand
  • Google Chrome will limit ad blockers starting June 2024
  • Google Maps' new look may frustrate Calif. drivers as Thanksgiving travel begins
  • Google will work with Apple on implementing RCS on iPhone
  • Anthropic Introduces Claude 2.1 With 200K Context Window
  • Sarah Silverman Hits Stumbling Block in AI Lawsuit Against Meta
  • Congrats To Elon Musk: I Didn’t Think You Had It In You To File A Lawsuit This Stupid. But, You Crazy Bastard, You Did It!
  • What Spotify's New Royalty Model Really Means
  • MC HAMMER on X: "Salute and congratulations to the 710 plus @OpenAI team members who gave an unparalleled demonstration of loyalty, love and commitment to @sama and @gdb in these perilous times it was a thing of beauty to witness. Salute
  • Parents Sue Gaming Companies Over ‘Video Game Addiction’, Because That’s Easier Than Parenting


  • Paris - a beautiful 2 minutes in live caller history. Stephen A. Smith vs a guy who tries to ask about Cars
  • Paris - And.... from the mind that brought you basement eel guy: TikTok tunnel girl
  • Jeff - No evidence screen time is negative for children’s cognitive development and well-being: Oxford Study
  • Ant - Great Review From Mr Sargent and Mr Nielsen - Shot on iPhone 15
  • Ant - LumaFusion Update Includes Editing on SSD
  • Ant - Bittersweet and Grateful

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