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Nov 8th 2023

This Week in Google 741

The Whole Muffin

OpenAI GPTs, Article 45, iMessage regulation, Bored Ape dancing

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Category: News
  • OpenAI debuts GPTs allowing companies to further optimize GPT-4 for specific domains.
  • Article 45, an EU regulation, will roll back web security by 12 years by banning website fingerprinting used for fraud detection.
  • GM halts production on its Cruise driverless van over safety concerns after recent crashes.
  • The SAG strike continues as negotiations with AMPTP stall. AMPTP proposed using AI to replace actors.
  • AI academics voice concerns about AI CEOs like Sam Altman having too much unilateral control over powerful technologies like GPT-4.
  • Meta allegedly tried to buy the domain name from a company called Threads and kicked them off Facebook when they refused to sell.
  • Google petitions regulators to force Apple to open up iMessage to improve Android interoperability and reduce lock-in.
  • Mark Zuckerberg leans into WhatsApp's strengths like groups, communities, and encryption to differentiate it from iMessage and Signal.
  • Attendees at a Bored Ape NFT event suffer "severe eye burns" after lazers engraved NFT images directly onto their retinas.
  • TikTok announces it is shutting down its $2 billion creator fund amidst advertiser pullback and recession worries.
  • Camps teaching kids how to become YouTube and social media stars are proliferating.
  • YouTube is testing new generative AI features like video captioning, a comments summarizer, and conversational assistance to enhance the platform.
  • Google Keep will replace the functionality of Assistant Notes and the Assistant Shopping List as Google consolidates its services.
  • Waze adds a new feature to warn drivers about accident-prone roads and intersections to improve safety.
  • Google Chrome can now display how much memory each open tab is using, helping diagnose slowdowns.
  • Google brings its conversational AI-powered Search to over 120 more countries and territories, expanding access globally.
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