This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Jul 12th 2023

This Week in Google 724

Thirsty Grindfluencer

Threads launch, Amazon Prime Day, Anthropic's Claude AI, NotebookLM

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Category: News
  • Threads has 100 million users, and many are on Android.
  • Threads Adopting ActivityPub Makes Sense, but Won't Be Easy.
  • Facebook's Threads is so depressing.
  • Twitter is threatening to sue Meta over Threads.
  • Amazon Prime Day Pushes US Online Sales Up 6% in First 24 Hours.
  • Lina Khan Is Taking on the World’s Biggest Tech Companies—and Losing.
  • Amazon sues EU in first US challenge to Digital Services Act.
  • In – or out? Wimbledon considers replacing line judges with AI.
  • Anthropic’s Claude Is Competing With ChatGPT. Even Its Builders Fear AI.
  • Nirit Weiss-Blatt's taxonomy of the promoters & marketers of AI panic.
  • Google’s medical AI chatbot is already being tested in hospitals.
  • Hollywood Studios’ WGA Strike Endgame Is To Let Writers Go Broke Before Resuming Talks In Fall.
  • Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright infringement.
  • Google Embroiled in Class Action Lawsuit Over AI Products.
  • The AI Dividend.
  • Scariest bridge in America via Frank Garufi Jr.
  • NotebookLM: Google’s AI-powered notes app is launching today.
  • Android 14 Beta 4 lets Pixel devices automatically unlock when you type in the PIN.
  • Google app rolling out ‘Finance Watchlist’ stocks widget.
  • Google News offering free 4-month New York Times trial.
  • Google Play Changes Policy on Tokenized Digital Assets, Allowing NFTs in Apps and Games.
  • Jeff & Alan Rusbridger discuss the Gutenberg Parenthesis in London.


  • Stacey - Different ways that Stacey uses sensors.
  • Jeff - 2023 Digital media trends: Immersed and connected.
  • Jeff - Scotland fries.
  • Ant - "Taller Desk Chair"
  • Ant - Watch FLOSS Weekly with Ant!
  • Ant - Cheers To Mr. Terrell C. Woods.

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