This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Paris Martineau, and Ant Pruitt

May 3rd 2023

This Week in Google 714

Stuck in an Elevator With the Crypto Boys

Bluesky, Passkeys, VICE bankruptcy, Photos search

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Category: News
  • Bluesky buzz: Why the social media platform is being called the next Twitter.  
  • The Best Dressed Stars From the 2023 Met Gala.  
  • Google accounts now support passkeys for password-free sign-in.  
  • Google plans to add end-to-end encryption to Authenticator.  
  • For Bluesky to thrive, it needs sex workers and Black Twitter.  
  • Chrome replacing HTTPS lock icon with Material You redesign.  
  • Pornhub Blocks All of Utah From Its Site. 
  • Writers Guild On Strike Against Hollywood Studios As Contract Talks With Fail.  
  • Vice Is Said to Be Headed for Bankruptcy.  
  • ‘The Godfather of AI’ Quits Google and Warns of Danger Ahead.  
  • IBM to Pause Hiring for ‘Back-Office’ Jobs That AI Could Kill.  
  • Edtech Chegg tumbles as ChatGPT threat prompts revenue warning.  
  • Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, and Our Search for Meaning: Oliver Sacks on ChatGPT, 30 Years Before ChatGPT.  
  • Why Chatbots Are Not the Future.  
  • Google Photos is getting a more powerful search.  
  • Stability introduces AI that can incorporate text into images.  
  • LinkedIn Cofounder Reid Hoffman Launches a ChatGPT Rival. 
  • Kamala Harris to discuss A.I. in meeting with Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic CEOs. 
  • A Brain Scanner Combined with an AI Language Model Can Provide a Glimpse into Your Thoughts.  
  • New Standard for Car Entry Using Your Smartphone (UWB and Bluetooth).  
  • Bluesky codes for sale for $150+  
  • Publishers insist platforms owe them money for linking to them but whine when they don't link.  
  • Gmail is adding a blue checkmark to better verify senders.  
  • Google officially teases the Pixel 7a, confirming May 11 availability.  
  • Your Google TV Just Got a Nice Performance and Storage Boost.  
  • Nest Hub 2nd Gen updates to Google’s Fuchsia operating system.  
  • Android 13 with May security patch live; download Pixel OTA image now. 
  • YouTube Music is officially launching podcasts in the US on Android, iOS, and the web. 


  • Stacey - UnaBell, Smart Button for IoT.  
  • Jeff - Apple’s Unionized Store Workers Seek Tips and Higher Holiday Pay.  
  • Jeff - a font of type (Ryan Cordell's U of I class)  
  • Ant - Black Community Version of Succession?  
  • Ant - The Michael Jordan of YouTube? (bad pun, I know)

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