This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Paris Martineau, and Ant Pruitt

Apr 12th 2023

This Week in Google 711

Full Throttle Democracy

AI rules, Substack Notes, NFL pricing on YouTube TV, Smart display support

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Category: News
  • Google is No Longer Supporting These Five-Year-Old Devices.
  • Google ending Works with Nest & Dropcam support, Nest Secure owners getting free ADT system.
  • The Fitbit-to-Google account migration will start this summer.
  • Google Home's latest update provides more control over your smart appliances.
  • Google confirms pricing plans for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV.
  • Discover more than 800 free TV channels with Google TV.
  • The Unintended Consequences of Internet Regulation.
  • The importance of disclosure in generative AI.
  • ‘We have to move fast’: US looks to establish rules for artificial intelligence.
  • Create AI by describing it.
  • Use AI to create short-form video.
  • Get Your Kids to Love Reading with Choose-Your-Own Adventures, powered by GPT-4!
  • Substack unveils the product that got it banned from Twitter.
  • Instagram Founders' News App Artifact Adds 'Reputation Scores' and Comments.
  • Why progressive lawmakers are fighting against a TikTok ban.
  • TikTok sister app Lemon8 surges in U.S.
  • Samsung to cut chip production as profits plunge by 96%.
  • PC market faces another inflection point.
  • Mass Layoffs and Absentee Bosses Create a Morale Crisis at Meta.
  • Twitter reveals some of its source code, including its recommendation algorithm.
  • Google rolling out Android 14 Beta 1 for Pixel phones.
  • Pixel 7 April update fixes Bluetooth unpairing, and improves Macro Focus.
  • Google is working on ‘Find My Device’ feature even when the phone is turned off.
  • Google Will Require Android Developers to Make It Easier to Delete Your Account Data.
  • Android devices can now automatically archive little-used apps.
  • Google releases ‘Cross-Device Services’ on Play Store, which will power Chromebook app streaming.
  • Google prohibits personal loan apps from accessing user photos and contacts.


  • Stacey - Homey Hub.
  • Jeff - Why are news outlets putting their podcasts on YouTube?
  • Ant - I'm Jealous of #Hardhead.
  • Jason - A deck of cards.

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