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Mar 16th 2022

This Week in Google 655

No Time for Slug Collation

Deepfake of Zelenskyy, Google IO announced, Daylight Saving Time

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Category: News
  • Amazon Amp.
  • Facebook removes ‘deepfake’ of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.
  • Ukraine has started using Clearview AI’s facial recognition during war.
  • ‘I’m writing this post now and crying’: Russians bid farewell to Instagram before midnight ban.
  • Germany Warns Kaspersky Could Be Used to ‘Attack’ During Ukraine Invasion.
  • TikTok stars receive White House briefing on Ukraine.
  • SNL on Biden & TikTok influencers.
  • Amazon Go on SNL.
  • U.S. Senate approves bill to make daylight saving time permanent.
  • The US Tried Permanent Daylight Saving Time in the ’70s. People Hated It.
  • Queen Elizabeth's Palaces Have Over 1,500 Clocks—And They All Need to Be Reset.
  • Interactive Equivalent Latitude Map.
  • Well…Facebook has a TikTok now.
  • Mark Zuckerberg confirms NFTs are coming to Instagram.
  • Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Conversation at SXSW with Shark Tank’s Daymond John.
  • Google IO is announced: We'll be back live from Shoreline Amphitheatre for this year's #GoogleIO! Join us online May 11-12.
  • Vimeo is telling creators to suddenly pay thousands of dollars — or leave the platform.
  • Google Stadia is subtly reinventing itself to attract new games and gamers.
  • Facebook’s Parent Company Will Make Employees Do Their Own Laundry.
  • Facebook employees criticizing the rollback of perks are blasted as freeloaders who ‘don’t care about company culture’.
  • Google employees are becoming unhappy with pay, promotions and execution, survey results show.
  • Google sponsorship leads to ‘Chrome wheels’ and Android logo on McLaren Formula 1 cars.
  • SNL's Pete Davidson is going to space with Blue Origin.
  • SiFive raises $175 million in bid to unseat Arm with RISC-V.
  • Ben and Justin Smith Name Gina Chua as Executive Editor at News Start-Up.
  • It happened to me: I accidentally attended a crypto bro dinner.
  • NFT megamerger between Bored Apes and Cryptopunks.
  • The first remote-controlled store on wheels.
  • This French Vending Machine Spits Out Fresh Oysters.
  • Point-size socks.
  • Google details its latest big Android feature drop.
  • Steam coming to select Chromebooks.
  • Hey Google, Pay for my Parking.
  • Google's domain name registrar is out of beta after seven years.
  • Some Google Pixel phones can’t make contactless payments after March patch.
  • Android’s iOS-friendly emoji reactions officially launch in major Google Messages update.
  • Google directly integrates Air Raid Alerts into Android phones in Ukraine.


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