This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Mar 2nd 2022

This Week in Google 653

Thumbsuckers and Hot Takes

Ukraine war and tech, FitBit Ionic burns, Epic Games acquires Bandcamp

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Category: News
  • Duvall Hecht, who popularized audiobooks as founder of Books on Tape, dies at 91.
  • The Ukrainian leader who is pushing Silicon Valley to stand up to Russia.
  • Apple Halts All Sales From Online Store in Russia.
  • ApplePay & GooglePay don't work in Russia.
  • Elon Musk’s promised Starlink terminals have reached Ukraine.
  • Crypto Exchanges Refuse to Freeze All Russian Accounts.
  • YouTube blocks RT, other Russian channels from earning ad dollars.
  • Russia blames FB, Google for "inciting war".
  • Russia, Ukraine cyberwar hasn’t unfolded as expected.
  • Google Removed Tags on Ukrainian Google Maps After Users Said They May Have Been Used To Coordinate Russian Air Strikes.
  • How the Russian invasion of Ukraine is playing out on Wikipedia.
  • It's not "keev".
  • Instagram brings encrypted DMs to Russia and Ukraine.
  • “The Image of Putin Has Broken”
  • Twitter’s fact-checking project, Birdwatch, is MIA as Ukraine rumors swirl.
  • EA is scrubbing Russian soccer teams from its FIFA and hockey games.
  • Reddit has quarantined r/Russia due to misinformation.
  • DuckDuckGo pauses its relationship with Russian search engine Yandex.
  • How Ukrainian tech companies are handling Russia’s invasion.
  • How Wix is keeping nearly 1,000 Ukrainian employees safe.
  • Recommended news site & contribution: Kyiv Independent.
  • Epic Games is acquiring music marketplace Bandcamp.
  • Why the future of hardware may come via subscription.
  • WHOOP: Your Personal Digital Fitness and Health Coach.
  • Google recalls the Fitbit Ionic for causing burn injuries, offers full refund.
  • Trump is blowing Truth Social's launch.
  • Aqara's Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee has Apple Home Key support.
  • Get ready for the end of general-purpose wireless networks.
  • Apple 'Peek Performance' event invite is an AR portal.
  • Pixel 6 can’t install Android 12L after the latest February update, but one more beta build coming.
  • Google’s ‘Fast Emergency Dialer’ brings local emergency numbers to your Pixel’s lock screen.
  • Brain Scans of Dying Man Suggest Life Flashes Before Our Eyes Upon Death.
  • Google Phone prepares Material You-inspired dialer that looks like Android 12’s lockscreen.
  • YouTube Music artist pages now list songs and albums ‘From your library,’ like Play Music.
  • Android 13 adds native support for flashlight brightness, here’s how it works.
  • Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter for 4 secret novels raises $15M in first day.
  • Ford will separate its EV and gas-powered car businesses.
  • Spotify Car Thing.
  • Amazon is shutting 68 retail stores, ending Amazon Books, 4-star, and Pop Up shops.
  • TikTok Bumps Up Max Video Length to 10 Minutes.
  • So this just happened on Wheel of Fortune.
  • The US Copyright Office says an AI can’t copyright its art.
  • The Leaked Recipes Cookbook.
  • David Boggs, Co-Inventor of Ethernet, Dies at 71.
  • New UCIe Chiplet Standard Supported by Intel, AMD, and Arm.


  • Stacey - AirGuard - AirTag protection
  • Jeff - What did I just buy? I tried to use New York’s first NFT vending machine
  • Jeff - This Social Club Runs on Crypto Tokens and Vibes
  • Jeff - Bob Dylan gets into NFTs with Snowcrash
  • Ant - Maxon Announces Online Events for Creators
  • Ant - Nice to Meet Miss Terry and the Flipboard Community
  • Ant - Best of Luck to my Lil' Weirdo and Hardhead

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