This Week in Enterprise Tech

Dec 15th 2023

This Week in Enterprise Tech 573

DNS Deep Dive Part 3: Exploring Internal DNS and AD

KV-Botnet, Internal DNS Security, and Farewell Episode

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Category: News

The TWiET crew delves into botnets, securing hybrid work environments, the future of DNS architecture, and more.

News Blips:

  • Researchers uncover sophisticated IoT botnet named “K- Botnet" targeting US entities; linked to Chinese state-aligned hackers
  • AI startup Vanta (a Sponsor) launches AI suite to automate repetitive security and compliance tasks 
  • DARPA funds revolutionary laser-based aerial energy delivery system for military operations
  • Networking company Cradlepoint acquires SASE vendor ERA to provide a potential combined 5G and zero-trust networking solution

DNS Deep Drive Part 3 with DNS Expert Josh Kuo and Principal Solutions Architect of Infoblox Ross Gibson

  • Internal vs external DNS; differences in intended audience and integration
  • Decoupling DNS services from domain controllers for stability 
  • Namespace planning tips; use owned domains, avoid random internal TLDs 
  • Encrypted DNS tradeoffs; privacy vs. visibility for security teams
  • DNS security options like RPZ for control over internal resolution 
  • Future DNS role predictions like firewall integration and threat intel protections

The episode concludes with the announcement that the long-running show will be coming to an end after 12 years of enterprise content.

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